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How to write your about me page with examples

Whenever I land on a blog, I always make it a point to visit the about page.

What I hope to find there is a summary of what the blog is about, and what the purpose of the blog is.

When you first came to this blog, even you probably did the same.

If you run a blog, this is pretty much what your about page should do too.

The about page is a very important part of the blog.

In the initial frenzy of setting up a blog, there is a general tendency to put all the focus on creating enough to put up on the blog.

The about page is often treated as a mere formality.

What everyone forgets is that the content on the about page should also be crafted with perfection; it is the part of the blog that leaves an impression on the mind of the reader.

There are no hard and fast rules regarding what should go on the about page.

It can vary from completely informal and crazy to absolutely formal and strict.

That depends on what kind of readers you deal with, and what approach you take towards the blog.

Here are a few tips and tricks to write an impressive about page for your blog:

1. Your target audience

As always, we begin with the target audience. Identify a specific target audience for your blog.

If you’re just blogging about your life experiences, your target audience would probably be other people of your same age and who work in similar fields as yours.

If you run a fashion or beauty blog, your dynamic just got a whole a lot bigger!

Some blogs have their demographics narrowed down tightly, like a food and recipe blog for working moms.

Don’t let your blog be just a shout into the void; even if you once started off like that, as you gain readers and streamline your content, you will see your blog heading in a particular direction.

So mark out the target audience for your blog.

2. How do you plan to help the readers?

Funnily enough, the about page isn’t just about you, but also about the readers; of what use is your blog going to be to them?

If you ramble on and on for paragraph after paragraph about yourself and your qualifications, your readers will leave the scene in no time.

Make sure you tell your readers how you plan to help them through your blog, and about all the benefits that lie in store for them.

If they like what they see, they are sure to stay.

3. Visually Appealing

The about page is not just about the text, it should be visually appealing too. Take a look at Arpi’s about page.

They have built their webpage around the idea of their product itself, and the sophistication is visible in their text and their design.

The text on your about page should be arranged in a readable and catchy manner. On seeing it, the reader should want to read it.

If the text is too small or is arranged in huge paragraphs, the reader would have an inclination to skip through it.

4. Call to action

Since the about page is something that your readers are bound to go through, you must include some call to action here.

You can include links to your company website or online shop.

You can even include links of the most popular posts or the ones with which your readers can start off.

You can even include an option urging them to sign up for the newsletter.

Adding a call to action is giving your reader a reason to stay on your blog.

5. A personal bio

It is important to add a personal bio of who you are and what you like to do.

Your bio can be informal and simple, talking about yourself in a friendly manner.

It would be like introducing yourself to a new person you’ve met.

What would special things about yourself you want a new person to know?

That’s what you should include in your personal bio.

Adding your qualifications gives you some good credibility, but don’t make your personal bio all about your qualifications only.

6. What makes you unique?

Let’s face it, blogs are very common these days, and it’s quite likely that there are hundreds of other blogs like yours.

In order to stand apart from these, you have to be unique; and your uniqueness should reflect in your about page.

Whether it is unique in design, or in content, the reader should understand it when they read the page.

Your about page is the identity card that you give your blog.

One look at it and the reader decides whether to stay or leave.

Make sure your identity is reflected well in your blog so that your readers would have some awesome content to look forward to.

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