Spare Room Ideas You Must Try

When people have room to spare in their houses, what happens most often is that it just turns into a place to store all their unwanted clutter.

It might be just a small room, but in the mad rush of cleaning and organizing, we just decide to put everything there temporarily and then forget about it.

Having room to spare is such a great advantage; there are so many things you can do with it instead of making it a lazy storeroom.

Sometimes, you may have a lot of spare room ideas, you just don’t know how to go about them.

If you do it right, your spare room is going to be your favorite room in your home.

Here are some lovely ideas on how you can convert your spare room into your favorite space in your home

1. Game room

Spare Room Ideas You Must Try

It’s the most basic, most thought of the idea when it comes to spare rooms, and it’s not a bad one.

You can put in a game table and have a lounge too for resting.

Put some dart boards on the wall and you’re all set to host the best game nights ever.

If you have kids, you can put up a corner for them too.

Don’t keep your game room too formal, you want to be an area of fun and relaxation.

2. Home Office

If you are a work from home professional, or even otherwise, a home office is a great idea to make out of your spare room.

You can convert it into your sacred space of work, instead of simply converting your bed into your work area.

Having an office at home increases your productivity.

When you have a formal atmosphere like that of an office, you’re bound to get more work done.

3. Bunk Room

Spare Room Ideas You Must Try

If you’re the kind of person who has guests over a lot, having a bunk room is a great idea.

You can put in a few bunk beds and make it a cozy space for guests who stay over.

A great idea would be to theme it like the cabin of a ship, with the beds lined against the wall.

4. Walk-in closet

Spare Room Ideas You Must Try

A fashionable woman would always find it hard to keep count of all the places she has to keep her clothes.

If you have a walk-in closet just for all your apparel and accessories, getting ready every day would turn into a much more fun and luxurious activity.

You can organize your clothes and hang them in pretty ways.

The room should include a full sized mirror with plenty of lighting, especially natural light.

You can use this room to store all your accessories, like your bags, shoes, and jewelry.

5. Gym

Spare Room Ideas You Must Try

Do you find yourself always falling back on your fitness regimen?

Or do you want to get fit but you’re too lazy to go all the way to the gym across the town?

Well then bring the gym home, into your spare room.

You can’t obviously have all the equipment in a gym, but you can put in a few of the ones you need the most.

Add some speakers and a good music system so that you can have energetic workout sessions every day.

6. Reading room

Spare Room Ideas You Must Try

If you love to spend your spare time sitting down with a book, you should try dedicating your spare room to reading.

Here you can store all your books and spend some time reading every day.

Throw in a small coffee table if you like to sit down with a cup of coffee.

If the room has a window with a good view, put a chair beside to spend some lazy afternoons and gorgeous evening with a book.

Add in some indoor plants or flowers for a cheerful, cozy look

 7.  Art and Craft Space

Spare Room Ideas You Must Try

Make room for the artist in you by turning your spare room into a space for art and craft.

This could the place where you do anything from knitting and sewing to painting and sculpting.

You can store all your art supplies and here and the best part is, you can get as messy as you want without worrying about messing up the rest of your home.

A wood floor is the best choice if things are like to spill. Put some old cabinets in there along with easels and canvases.

8. Meditation room

Spare Room Ideas You Must Try

The life of a girl boss is stressful, and most of us often resort to meditation techniques to relax and unwind.

Use your spare room as a room for meditation, where you can be free from all other hustle and focus.

It is best if your meditation room is minimalist, with just the bare necessities and scanty décor.

The idea is to help you focus, so the use of loud, bright colors and too many objects would be counterproductive.

You can have a good sound system in there if you use meditative sounds and relaxing music as part of your routine.

9. Home theatre

Spare Room Ideas You Must Try

If you enjoy watching movies in an extravagant style, having a home theatre is a good idea.

Convert your spare room into a home theatre by installing a projector, or a large screen tv along with a good surround sound system.

Throw in some easy chairs and a table for the popcorn and you’re all set.

10. Guest Room

Spare Room Ideas You Must Try

A guest room is the most common fate of a spare room.

If people come over to your place often having a guest room is a necessity.

You can spend your creative energy in converting your spare room into a place where your guests can relax and enjoy their stay.

You can even combine ideas and convert it into multipurpose room setups.

There are a lot of people out there who would anything to have one of these rooms in their homes.

So if you have a spare bedroom, don’t waste the space you have.

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