Minimalist Jewelry Gift Guide

This minimalist jewelry gift guide is your answer to buying gifts to people who are particular about their aesthetics.

There is so much buzz with minimalist Jewelry and it’s been going on from sometime. It’s all about having the right signature pieces to spice up your collection and still stay minimal at the same time. You can buy this jewelry with your

Here are a few pieces we’ve found on the world wide web that will help you make the right decision.

minimalist jewelry gift guide that consists of necklaces, earings and rings

1. Punk Chokers Necklace

2. Stacked star light necklace

3. Minimal 3 stacked necklace

4. Pins and needles necklace

5. The loop necklace

6. The Heart necklace

7. The big dot necklace

8. Rhinestone Choker 

Minimalist jewelry Gift Guide for rings

9. Stack minimal rings

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10. Statement Ring

11. 15 Pcs/set Bohemian Retro 

12. Thin Baguette Engagement Ring

13. Bohemian Vintage Crown Water Drops

14. Crystal Engagement Claws

15. Crystal Marble Charm Bracelets

16. Rose Gold stack

17. Gold Color Cowrie Shell Bracelets 

18. Charm Party Stack


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