Limelight by Alcone Skincare- Pros and Cons

Among the wide range of highly-praised makeup products, this legend tops the list. We have prepared a full-fledged review on this skincare brand to direct our reader’s buying decision in the right direction. 

Some basics of Limelight by Alcone Skincare

It has a strong presence in the makeup industry as it caters to artists, actors, models, and all the personalities of Hollywood. Side by side, it serves all the natural skincare products in its product range. 

Why choose this brand?

Limelight products are considered to be the best makeup products worldwide. The Alcone industry gives complete authentification proof on its naturality and gluten-free ingredients.

The most known and prestigious product of the Limelight is the Limelight Botanical Foundation.

This user-friendly brand allows its customers to use the product for a period of 30 days. The reason big enough to start using its products.

It may be intriguing for the wider audience to use these products.

Where to find this brand?

As most of the users might be willing to get their hands on this extremely useful cosmetic brand.

This cosmetic range is easily available on the company’s official webpage. They get their earnings based on the product sold in the market.

Advantages of using Limelight by Alcone Skincare

It should be observed that this legendary makeup and skincare brand offers a variety of products.

A Skin therapy agent:

Limelight offers products that highly sustain and serves as the skin therapy agent for its users.

By simply using this product for a reasonable time, the person will see immense benefits in terms of healthier and shining skin.

In many of its products, this brand uses chemical-free and plant-based ingredients that support its cause.

A glowing moisturizing element:

This brand by Alcone takes into its arms, the uses and extracts of various fruits and plants. These herbal ingredients, when applied, give immense cooling relief to the face and supports the moisturized glow of the skin. 

It is backup by natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Rosemary, and Tea tree. 

Anti-aging agents:

The products launched by Limelight caters to various aging issues of different age groups. Each product includes herbal and natural components that complement a radiant skin.

From its skin therapy products to oil-free moisturizing substances, these products inculcates the antioxidizing agents that rejuvenates the layers of skin inside out.

1) Quench Cleanse (Aloe & Sunflower)

It is a normal day to day cream cleanser for a moisturized skin. It has the natural purities of Sunflower and Aloe Vera that completely purifies and soothes the skin to its corners. One of the best day-caring skin products that can suit your customized desk of skincare brands. 


– A cream cleanser that removes all the impurities of the skin inside out. It includes the Rose flower water hydrosol which is used as a by-product of this component. This rose water can be used as a soothing agent for your tender skin.

– Makes use of completely 100% organic substances.


– The rose water flower content serves as a soothing agent that relaxes and gives a stress-free glowing environment to the skin.


– This product is only available on the company’s official website and nowhere else.

– An expensive brand. 

2) Cool Down (Rosemary and Bergamot)

A complete face balm for all skin types. A suitable product combining the enriching benefits of Rosemary and Bergamot.


– It has the benefits of Rosemary, Bergamot, and Aloe vera.

– A moisturizing face balm suitable for all skin types. 

– It has the Myrothamnus extract that strengthens the outer skin and improves its texture.


– Aloe vera hydrates and rejuvenates the skin. Side by side promotes the collagen synthesis process.

– It has the element of Hexapeptide 11 that gives tone to the skin with improvements in elasticity and collagen.

– It contains the Agave extract that decreases the sunburn, razor burn, or any kind of body heat rash.


– One of the most expensive products. 

3) Cool Balm (Aloe and Kendi oil)

A cool face balm that helps the sensitive skin types. A perfect lightweight formula supported by the extract of Cucumber, Aloe vera, and Kendi Oil. 


– It has the extract of Aloe vera and Cucumber in it.

– A perfect product to support the development of sensitive skin.

– The cooling agents that relax the outer layer of the skin and gives it a soothing touch.


– Aloe vera along with the Opuntia ficus-indica stem provides a calming force to energize and protect the sensitive skin.

This improves the status of skin cells in the body.


– Like the above, it is an expensive product.

– The supply is less in comparison to demand.

4) Skin Therapy (Pomegranate and Oat)

It gives protection against dry, aging, and inflamed skin. This is a perfect product if you have sensitive skin which is prone to acne.


– It has the hydrating ingredients that drench the skin and fills the skin pores.

– A perfect combination of Pomegranate Sterols, Evening Primrose, and Safflower Oil.


– The combination of Safflower and Evening Primrose acts as the hydrating agent for the skin layers.

– It has the extract of Pomegranate oil.

– The Oat protein substance helps in revitalizing the dead skin cells and prevent inflamed skin.


– It is accompanied by a weird smell. Probably, the combination of the natural ingredients produces it.

Limelight by Alcone Skincare- One of a kind

As per the users’ manual, these are some of the best products by Limelight in the industry. The Limelight by Alcone Skincare is a huge cosmetic brand that delivers a number of new products in the market every year.

The products by Limelight can help in taking control of your skincare and cut off all the negativity that harms your skin.

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