Life Hacks for Girls

These life hacks for girls are the best things you can share with your BFFs. They are quick, easy and save a lot of your time and energy!!!

DIY Makeup Remover Pads

Cornstarch Instead of Dry Shampoo

Found from The Krazy Coupon Lady

Tic Tac Hairpin Container

Found from Lovely Indeed

Use the link from a keychain to keep your pant’s zipper hidden.

Add a magnetic strip in your bathroom cabinet to support bobby pins and tweezers.

Instructions here.

Organize your makeup stash on a magnetic boar

Tutorial via here.

Use straws to keep necklaces from getting tangled.

Use ice cubes to remove gum from your hair.

Make pony tail pop using two bobby pins.

Make a Scarf Hanger Using a Clothes Hanger and Curtain Rings

Lower your bra straps

Source: All Day Chic

Refashion your old Tee

Choosing Necklaces For Necklines

Painted Pins

DIY Double Clothes Hangers with Soda Can Tabs

 Use a paper clip to hide your straps

Use a safety pin or straw to help thread a loose drawstring

Photo via here

Dryer Sheet Brush Hack

Wire Coat Hangers Made with Flip Flops Hangers

Sew your bra into the dress

Use pool noodles or rolled up magazines to stand boots upright in your closet

Aluminum Foil Curl

Fold Clothes for Better Storage

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