How to work smarter not harder as a girl boss

How to work smarter not harder as a girl boss

1. Type faster!

All work we do today involves typing to some extent. If you learn to type faster, a lot of the time you otherwise spend can be saved. Speedy typing can be practised on sites such as Typeracer.

2. Don’t do it all in one sitting

There is a limit to how long your brain can maintain concentration on one thing. Get up every 45 minutes to one hour and move around a bit to stretch your legs. This will make you a lot more active to commence work.

How to work smarter not harder as a girl boss

3. Learn to say No.

You don’t have to take all the work for yourself to do. Do only what is your fair share. Taking on a lot will leave with too much to do in too little time.

4. Imagine rewards for yourself

When you feel a lot of pressure, use the method of creative visualization: imagine in your head what the situation would be like once you’re done with your work. Pretend that you are in that near future. This will energize you to work towards achieving that goal.

How to work smarter not harder as a girl boss

5. Avoid anxiety

Of course, it’s not an easy thing to do. But try to replace thoughts of anxiety with thoughts of finding ways to deal with the problem. And wok out those ways one by one.

6. Clean-up your work area

A clean and well-organized work area itself makes you want to work right away. Maintain a neat workplace cabin or desk so that you can work more efficiently.

7. Save the easy ones for the end.

Try to work your way down the difficulty scale: start the difficult tasks first so that you can take your time on them. Leave the easier ones of which you are sure and confident for the end so that you can do them faster.

How to work smarter not harder as a girl boss

8. Not everything you have to do needs to be perfect.

You may start off badly, but instead of getting disappointed, allow yourself to make something good out of a few bad first tries. Perfection is achieved through many mistakes.

9. Avoid multitasking.

Focusing on more than one thing at once divides your attention, which means that you end up doing many things unsatisfactorily. Instead, focus your attention on a single work and finish it, and then move on to the next.

10. Make plans on a daily basis.

Support your long-term plans with daily plans that will execute everything little by little. Only having a daily plan can actually get the work done.

How to work smarter not harder as a girl boss

11. Whatever you can do within five minutes, do it then and there.

Don’t leave small tasks like replying to emails for later as they will either end up being forgotten o add up to be a huge burden. Whatever you can finish quickly, do it immediately.

12. Manage your time wisely.

Use those time periods when you are more active and refreshed to do the long, boring, difficult works, and use your lethargic, tired or bored phases to do the more enjoyable and easy work.

How to work smarter not harder as a girl boss

13. Be open to new ideas.

Don’t be afraid to try new methods and to learn new things. You may be more inclined to continue with the tried and tested ways, but you never know what new way your efficiency can be improved.

14. Prioritize your work.

Some things are more important and urgent than others. Do those that demand to be completed quickly first.

15. Interact with others.

People are most important when it comes to anything. Interact well with your co-workers. Maintain such a rapport with them that you won’t hesitate to seek their advice or help if needed.

Now it’s your turn! How do you work smarter? 


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How to work smarter not harder as a girl boss

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