How to Style a Pompadour- Step by Step guide

One of the famous hairstyles: pompadour

Fashion and styling have always been fascinating to everyone. Superstars and film stars constantly give you some of the other fashion and styling tips. Every industry has one fashion icon that stays updated with recent fashion trends. This is the person who brings in new styling tips for his/her followers. Fashion isn’t only limited to clothing and apparel. The way you present yourselves, all as a whole is considered in fashion.

The way you dress your hair, the way you walk, every part of you contributes to your personality. One such hairstyle which is very popular among fashion enthusiasts is Pompadour. So, what is this pompadour and how do you style a pompadour?

Style a pompadour with proper elegancy

So, this hairstyle originated from France and is named after Madame de Pompadour, a mistress of King Louis XV of France. The basic concept behind this Pompadour hairstyle is swiping up your hair from your face and carrying it above your forehead like a styled heap. However, this style has many variations. Though pompadour hairstyle is related to old times, still it’s one of the bold fashion styling senses. This hairstyle is so versatile that it goes in interest with everyone, what all is required are some tweaks and cuts. 

Important parameters about how do you style a pompadour

Hair quality- vital area to look upon

There are some key points of having this kind of hairstyle. What face cut or what kind of hair quality or what should be the required length of hair to best suit this hairstyle. These key points are very important to tell about how you can style a pompadour. Starting with hair quality, people with plenty of hair can resort to this hairstyle. People who are scarce on their heads should not opt for it. It is because it requires a lot of hair to be swiped up on top. You must ensure that you have the proper quantity of hair in proper areas.

Also, this style suits best on people with straight hair. It looks more natural on them. This doesn’t mean that people with curly or wavy hair can’t have this hairstyle. Pompadour can be done on curly hairs too, but it would require more effort and would give a bit different texture. 

Face shape is important while talking of how to style a pompadour

Talking of face shape, an ideal stylist must suit a particular hairstyle on every face variation. This style best suits the people with the wide jawline and high cheekbones. Flat and round faces have their modulations for this hairstyle. People with flat and long faces can have long hairs left at the back and sides of your hair crown. This would give a better and smarter look. If you look for round faces, you can go with having comparatively lesser hairs on sides and back.

This won’t make your face look heavy and wide. Instead, you’ll have a lighter look which will be more appealing. This is how you can style a pompadour with all kinds of face structures. 

To style a pompadour, washing your hair matters

Talking of the styling process, you must start by washing your hair properly with a good shampoo, for instance, pompadour’s peppermint was. Then once you are done with washing, you may towel dry your hair very efficiently. It will let out all the water that you have retained after washing.

After your hairs are well towel-dried, you may go for blow drying your hair to ensure your hairs are completely dried out. Then comes is the styling procedures that you can do as per your hair quality or hair volume and face structure. Lastly, you can hair spray to ensure your smooth crown stands well on your head. 

Different ways of how to style a pompadour

The classic pompadour

Starting with the classic pompadour style, it is one of the best and smart-looking styles. It has got a smooth fade on top which looks charming. So, in this classic style, you need to have medium sides. It means the sides must neither be very long nor too short. The fade must show a smooth transition from high to medium. The fade must give a proper look of a crown. The sides must be properly trimmed. The entire hairstyle should be finished up with some good hair products.

An important point is that this classic pompadour goes good with people with plenty of hair. This is because it requires a lot of hair from sides and back to be trimmed off for the best look. This style is popular for its volume and bright shine of hair. It is one of the oldest, classic and widely used methods of how to style a pompadour.

The modern pompadour

Next comes is a modern pompadour. It is different from the classical method as it doesn’t involve any use of scissors for side hairs arrangement. In this style, the stylists clip off the hairs uniformly. This style incorporates the cool and classic fashion senses. It is a bit of messy and layered hairstyle but looks fabulous when properly carried.

It goes from slightly high to low at the back. This style is very effortless and anyone can get to it super easy. People who run short of time can get to this styling option. You can get a charming and smart look in just a fraction of time. It is a time-saving method of how to style a pompadour. 


A charming and eye-catchy look is something that everybody desires. Every person wants to stand out of the crowd when it comes to fashion sense. They want to establish themselves as fashion icons. Pompadour hairstyle is one such styling option that attracts every person from every age, especially the men. It is highly loved and fits in effectively with every with all the apparel. You can pick up from modern, short or classic styles of pompadour to fit in best for you. Choose one which you like the best and enjoy it. Get the best look that suits you.

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