How to Start a Skincare Line -Step by Step Guide

I was wondering for a few months, how to start a skincare line. You all just be following a lot of beauty ranges, right? Either skincare or a cosmetic beauty line. I, as a kid, did not like my skin. With acne and zits, my face looked horrible. It wasn’t a major concern for me until I fell in love in high school. Those days were the best in my school life. My crush proposed to me and it was all beautiful suddenly, except my face. It was since then that I began hating my skin. He liked me the way I was but I was in sheer embarrassment. Since that day, I was wondering to start my own skincare line.

Did you also think of how to start a skincare line?

I feel skincare is a lifestyle. You don’t have to hate your skin to start a skincare line. Many people who have a skincare line are flawless. And they work continuously to keep up their skin health. You have to live in that skin for your entire life. Care for it as you would do for a precious dress. Nourish your skin. Give it time to relax. Be gentle to your skin.

Well starting a skincare line is not that easy. You have to start valuing your skin before you tell others to do so. And before you are ready to start, be proud of your skin. In the following section, I’ll tell you how to go about starting your skincare line. So sit back and hold tight.

What does your skin want?

Before you start wondering again on how to start a skincare line, take a pause. Do you know what it takes to care for your skin? Do you have the knowledge to share? Understand what it takes to care for your skin. There are many things your skin wants. We miss the call of our skin in our busy lives. Read up on what nourishes your skin. Below are the basic skin therapy habits. Acquaint yourself with these to start with the basics.


Hydration is the key. I would say, drink as much water as your bladder can hold. This is not exactly what you have to do though. Drink at least 10 glasses of purified water daily. Water is an elixir to your skin. It purifies your blood. Blood impurities are the main reason for skin impurities.

Eat well

This is compulsory advice. Remember, your body has to be healthy to make your skin glow. Food is the fuel to your body. When you eat healthily, it reflects on your face. Your face is a mirror. It tells whatever is going inside your body. Trust your skin and its condition. It is telling you something about your body.

Clean, clean & clean

Well, this is my favorite. Clean your face often. When you let the dust settle on your face, it leads to acne, zits, and red spots. Your skin is as sensitive as a flower. Don’t let dust and impurities ruin its beauty. Having said that, don’t rub your skin too much. Again, be gentle. You would not want to hurt the petals of your flower. Right?

These are the basic tips to start off with skincare advice. Remember, your skincare advice would begin and revolve around these points all the time. Understand their effectiveness and need.

Let’s go! Start off with skincare cosmetics to know how to start a skincare line

You have to ready your products before starting your brand. Well I’m sure you aren’t going to manufacture them by yourself, are you? So below are a few steps through which you can get your own cosmetics. Take care of these steps to get your cosmetics ready with you.

Contact a company

Private limited companies are your one-stop solution. You cannot produce your cosmetics, so outsource the work. Private limited companies would manufacture cosmetics for you. You can later put your brand’s label on them. These are the companies that do not patent their products. So anyone can ask for customization and get their name on it. These are not brands. These are mere manufacturers.

Minimum quantity orders and FDA approval with how to start a skincare line

One thing that I tumbled into was minimum quantity orders. Check that a lot of private companies have minimum order requirements. A mistake I did was overlooking them. I ordered excessive goods for my brand. Be rational while placing orders. Avoid companies that have a high minimum order requirement. Also, focus on companies that are FDA approved. Because if you do not get FDA approved products, you will lose the market.


You know what is helpful for the skin. Strikeout companies from the list that make harsh products. Sulfates, paraben, etc are something you would not want in the product. Your brand should be free of harmful ingredients and add ons. Remember, completely organic products are not desirable. Some amount of artificial preservatives are always in cosmetics. But learn to cut the excess chemicals. After all, your customers would want your product and not the brand.


Excel sheets are super instruments for businesses. List all your chosen private companies on the sheet. Compare their prices and their products. But never compromise quality due to price. Be reasonable at the same time and don’t prefer cheap. Your customers would never like a product that is low in price and in quality. People are always willing to pay high prices for good commodities.

It’s now time!

Place the order and get your first consignment. When I got mine I was super excited, to begin the work. Check your consignment thoroughly. Quality control is an important aspect of starting a brand. Check if the goods comply with the standards. If everything is good to go, set the sail.

How to start a skincare line- The easy step!

This is the most important area in the question of how to start a skincare line. If your product procurement is fine, the brand is sure to succeed. My first consignment was of a thousand and five hundred sets of cosmetics. Meanwhile, I started working on my brand name. Your next step is creating a brand logo.

Time to be creative guys!

It is now time to show all your creativity. It is true that the first impression is the last impression. I personally feel the need for having an amazing logo. I feel that it is important that you work hard on the logo. If the logo and the name are not appealing, customers would not give it a try.

Here are a few tips that you should consider while finalizing a brand name and a logo. Try looking at a brand name from the point of view of your audience. Consider what they will like, not you. Because your brand will prosper only if your customers like it.

Strong yet simple

Less is always more. I prefer making logos that sends a strong message. But this doesn’t mean overdoing your work. Send a strong message from your logo. But don’t make it so complicated that your audience doesn’t understand it. Make it simple, yet appealing. Your brand name and your logo should give out the objective of your brand. Do not try making it modern art. You are appealing to the general public, not an artist.

Trademark check

Do not pick a brand name out of anywhere. Check the availability of the brand name. At this pint in time, you will have to create your existence. Create a website and buy a domain name. And when you do that, you should take care of the trademark. Your domain name and your brand name should be unique. Including your logo. Your brand name should be distinguishable. Thereby it should not appear similar to any other brand.

Colors and appearance

Please make the right use of colors. It’s a skincare line, the colors you use should be soothing. Don’t use vibrant and tacky colors for your logo. The colors should be soothing to the eyes of your audience. This gives a sense of trust and comfort to your audience. I prefer blue, green and peach a lot of times. And do not use a combination of more than three colors. Give a standard to your logo. Its appearance should be eye-catching and classic.

Remember, a nice logo and brand name work like goodwill. You will reap benefits out of it for the entire life. Your brand and logo are your biggest assets. Do not compromise with your capital assets.

How to start a skincare line on social media?

It’s time for your launch party. Yes, you do that right. Your social media launch party. You have come here online to know how to start a skincare line. Hence, if you want to prosper, you have to go online. With thousands of people using social media, it’s going to be your leverage point. Target your audience on social media platforms. Below are a few steps to go about developing your social media presence-

Social media presence

Be omnipresent. Be active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Anywhere you think your audience resides. Start with a blow. Timely update your feed. Be it Twitter or Instagram, consistency is the key. If you are not consistent with your posts, you might lose a big audience. Continue posting engaging content. The information you share should generate value for your audience. Make your presence felt.

Quality content

Try to engage your audience as much as you can. Be fire when you post. Delivering quality content is key. I predominantly posted on Instagram in the beginning. And do not forget Twitter. Twitter is the new market sensation. I like twitter for its reach and scope. Try to tweet at least twice daily. Give your audience fantastic content. The content you deliver should be informative and life-changing for your audience. Give out advice on skincare routines. Help your audience derive value out of your page.

Be aggressive

There is a famous concept of aggressive marketing. And it is getting famous day by day. Show all that your brand can offer. Post contents regularly. Interact with your audience. Engage in conversations with them. Comment, retweet, post. In the beginning, you’ll have to be very aggressive in marketing. It is the first 6 months that will decide your brand’s future. Be active online as much as you can.

Be the trend

Social media is driven through trends. If you are not able to be a part of the trend, you are out of the business. Work with hashtags. Create new challenges and be a part of the trend. Make simple yet crazy hashtags for people to follow. Stand out from the crowd. I have tried many hashtags for my brand. When I started ‘Derma care’, I promoted it through a number of hashtags. I also created many challenges for my audience. Hence, don’t let other brands overtake you. Be the trend.

How to start a skincare line to sell it?

Your time has come now. You are ready to make your first sale. After this, there is no turning back. Don’t send commodities to your customers, send them experiences. Try to make your customers happy and satisfied. Their reviews are extremely important. Your initial customers are your seed customers. If you don’t satisfy them with your product, you will lose momentum. Go out, make your first sale. Make me proud!


Now you know how to start a skincare line. Skincare is a lifestyle, as I already said. If you want to promote your business, be true to the business. Understand that skincare is meditation. Promote your brand like a need. Your audience should feel the need for your brand. Stay true to your customers and build relationships. Promote skincare like it is a way of life. When you understand the true sense of skincare, you’ll succeed in your business.

In the end, be a mentor. Support your customers in getting flawless skin. Let them know the value of diet and hydration. Promote the truth and you’ll eventually get brand recognition. Finally, take care of your skin and of your customers. Best of luck!

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