How to Calm your Mind

Do you ever reach that peak point of your anxiety and stress, when there is an avalanche of thoughts rushing through your head, and you can’t think straight even if your life depended on it?

Such moments are when we reach the farthest point of our endurance, and a breakdown could be imminent.

If we are able to take the reins into our hands and control our mind, we could do so much better in life.

Even in the middle of all the frenzy, there is a voice of sanity at the back of your mind that tells you to calm down, that everything will be alright.

All you need to do is find that voice and listen to it.

In our busy lives, our mind is forever occupied with one thing or the other.

We never get the time to calm our mind for even a second.

Even when our body is at rest, our thoughts are racing from one thing to the other, never getting even a moment of rest.

The key to calming your mind is to empty it of everything else.

The techniques of mindfulness and meditation are very effective in doing this.

Mindfulness takes your mind off everything else and makes it focus on the here and now, on your body, its working and its current physical surroundings.

Meditation focuses all your attention on one thing only.

Both are very effective means of controlling your thoughts and the working of your mind.

Many techniques, such as those listed below, used to calm your mind use mindfulness and meditation in some form or the other, while there are others that don’t.

1. Think about how you think

When you have those anxious racing thoughts, try this method of viewing yourself as an outsider.

When you have all those thoughts whizzing in your head, try not to give in to them, but make your sane self a third party, an audience to all the chatter that is happening in your head.

You would find this quite amusing, and you would also be able to listen to that sane voice more clearly.

It is also a psychological fact that being able to think about how you think is a sign of higher intelligence.

2. Make a debate out of it

When your anxiety throws worrisome thoughts at you, make a debate out of it!

Try to come up with counter thoughts to the anxious thoughts that worry you.

Think of anxiety as a nasty bully, and argue her down as much as you can.

Always find the positive side to anything and let it motivate you.

3. Deep breaths

Taking deep breaths is a time-tested method to calm down.

The rush of fresh oxygen to your brain helps you to think more clearly and make better decisions.

When you take deep breaths you become more aware of your surroundings and the atmosphere you are in.

Practice deep breathing on a daily basis.

4. Make a mantra for yourself

Sometimes, telling yourself the same thing over and over again will ultimately make you believe it.

When you find yourself getting anxious or restless, repeat a phrase like “everything will be ok” or “life is good” over and over again.

Using your mantra for anxious moments will calm you down eventually.

5. A change of atmosphere

Sometimes, the environment we’re in can trigger even more anxious thoughts.

If you are in a crowded room, try to get out and go for a walk.

A simple walk in the local park is sometimes the solution to all our problems, not because it sets anything right or changes anything, but because it convinces us that we can.

6. “Paper is more patient than man.”

I often remember this quote by Anne Frank. Sometimes, if you simply write down all your thoughts onto paper, you can tackle them one by one and clear your head.

It is when it is a soupy mix inside your head that everything seems unsolvable.

Once you write them down, you’ll understand how important or unimportant they are dealing with them accordingly.

7. Bring your focus to the present

Our thoughts often come up with old, meaningless issues of the past and throw them at us when we get anxious.

It is important that you don’t dwell on the past or worry about the future.

Neither of those things is under your control now.

The only thing you have is the present, and don’t mess it up by worrying about what you can’t control. Focus on the problems of the present.

8. Play some calming music

If you like to turn to music for help, try to find music that calms you down instead of aggravating your mind further.

Playing some good calming music will help you organize your thoughts and focus better.

If you ever find yourself unable to calm down again, try a few of these tips and they will surely help.

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