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How To Grow On Instagram Like A Boss

If you ask ‘what’s the most popular social network these days?’

Instagram would surely be the answer.

It is absolutely important for a personal brand to grow on Instagram.

The app has currently had more than 800 million active users every month, with the numbers predicted to hit a billion in 2018.

Everyone, including bloggers and marketers, is taking their business to Instagram.

What struck me when I first started using this app was that it had a suave design and working, which is why I enjoyed it.

If in the beginning, it was only meant to be a photo-sharing platform, it has grown from much more than that.

A lot of people have become famous simply because of their impressive social media accounts.

Instagram has played a major role in shooting a lot of people to fame.

If you run a business, or a blog, or do anything noteworthy, it has become a necessity that you have an Instagram account.

You can even start off on Instagram itself.

If you have some good quality content that people love, you will be popular, but there are so many little things you can do to make your account more visible and to grow on Instagram.

Here is a list of tips and tricks you can try to make your Instagram handle more popular.

“How To Grow On Instagram Like A Boss via @girlbossshop”


Invest in photography

Instagram is primarily a photography based medium.

Before the users see any text, they are always going to see the pictures posted first.

Only if a picture is attractive enough will they even think of reading the description?

If you want to grow on Instagram, try getting good at photography. You can buy a good camera or a phone with a good camera.

Depending on what you want to do, you can even get some other props and equipment; if you want to focus on makeup, get some good lighting equipment or if you want to do some food photography, get a tripod and some good reflectors.

Post consistently, every day

Posting every day is a proven way to get you more followers and more likes.

Inactive Instagram accounts tend to fade into the background.

If you don’t have the time to make a post for every day, make some prior planning as to what you want to post.

Once you plan this, you can take photos in a bulk and post them on each day of the week.

Do a series or theme

When you post according to a series or a theme, the viewers would be coerced to go back and read what they are all about from your profile.

Most Instagrammers do their series based on days of the week, Like Motivation Monday or Self-care Sunday.

When you follow a theme, it can be anything from posting related to a topic or following a color palette for all your photographs.

It will make your account visually stimulating and give the users something to fall in love with.

Use the geotag

If you’re too lazy to geotag your stories and posts, you have got to change that habit.

Geotagging is the most useful tool when it comes to growing on Instagram. When someone visits a new place, he/she would naturally like to look it up on Instagram and see what they could do there.

Or, if you go to the kind of city spots that are often visited by famous people, those who look up the tags would run into your posts too.

Don’t ignore the geotag feature, use it whenever you can for maximum exposure.

Use storytelling in your pictures

If you want to show your followers a product you’ve used, don’t simply stand it on your desk and snap a picture of it.

Show yourself as using it, or show the results of using it.

Try to put in more of your experiences into what you post.

Using the first person pronoun in the descriptions will make your account more personal and relatable to your followers.

Try using the less popular hashtags

If you ever tried clicking on any of the popular hashtags, you would find yourself drowning in a huge flood of posts and information.

Now think about it: if you always use only the most popular hashtags in your posts, how is your post ever going to stand out in this huge flurry of information?

This is why it is recommended to sometimes use the less popular hashtags too.

This will make your posts appear in the top posts when those tags are searched.

Your name and not your username is what matters

You might invest a lot of time into coming up with the perfect username, but the searches are built to give results that match with the name, and not the username of the account.

If you want to bring in more followers, make your account name something more searchable and generic.

Giveaways and contests

Instagram giveaways and contests are a huge hit among followers.

This works on the basic principle of a lottery. One of the best ways to gain followers is by asking users to tag their friends in a post for the chance to enter a giveaway.

If the prizes are good, the number of people that will land on your account can number to a few hundred all at once.

The most important way to keep followers is to respond back to them.

Instagram has made connections a lot more personal, with its stories and direct messaging and so on. When you’re able to respond back to your followers through the comments or through the messages, it makes them feel wanted and they are more likely to keep following you.

Ultimately, all this will amount to your growth on Instagram.

“How To Grow On Instagram Like A Boss via @girlbossshop”


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