Highest Paying Jobs Without a Degree

Looking for a job without a degree is one of the toughest things to do.

Most people think that not having a degree means a person is not qualified for a job.

Ironically there are hundreds of people with numerous qualifications who get kicked out of their jobs because they can’t work properly.

What makes us qualified for a job is not the degree we hold, but the necessary skills it takes to work that particular job.

No matter what degree we hold, when we take up a new job, there always be a period of training in which companies teach us about how they work and the kind of work that is expected from us.

More often than not, that initiation period is what matters more than what our degree has taught us.

There are a lot of other skills and professions that you can teach yourself if you have an interest and are ready to pursue it.

These are some of the few jobs you can do for which no particular degree is required:

1. Web Developer

Web developers or web designers make websites for clients.

If you have an interest in programming and design, you can learn web designing on your own.

There are a number of resources available online, such as those on W3schools or CodeCademy.

You need to build a portfolio of your works when you apply for jobs, and an impressive portfolio is all it takes to get a good job.

2. Paralegal or Legal Assistant

Paralegal professionals assist lawyers in their work.

They conduct legal research and take up the administrative work in a legal firm.

Paralegals are valuable members of the legal team. All you need is a paralegal certification to begin working as a legal assistant.

3. Small Business Owner

People who like to become their own bosses instead of working for others can set up a small business and become small business owners.

In most countries, there are a number of schemes and subsidies that encourage citizens to start their own businesses on a small scale.

Research about such schemes and make use of such allowances to set up your own business.

You need to have a basic knowledge of how the industry works, and how to set up a business.

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4. Journalism and writing professions

If you have a flair for writing an enjoy it, you can take up writing jobs or become a journalist.

Content writing is a field that’s up and coming in recent years.

Although journalism degrees are very common now, most newspapers only require you to have a stronghold of language and appropriate research skills

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5. Graphic Design and Animation

The most basic necessity to become a graphic design is the ability to draw.

If you’re a really good artist, there are ways you can put your art to good use to make money.

All you need to do is to learn some software, such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Autodesk Maya.

The design industry is rapidly growing and almost all companies require designers for their websites, blogs, social media pages etc.

6. Police Officer

No particular degree is required to be a cop.

All you need is to be physically fit and to have some basic criminal justice training. However different agencies list different requirements.

7. Personal Trainer

If you are a fitness buff and you enjoy keeping yourself and others in shape, you would enjoy being a personal trainer.

You will meet a lot of interesting people, and once you get really good at it, you can earn a lot of money.

Although this doesn’t require a college degree, there is a personal training certification that you have to obtain.

8. Real Estate Agent

Real Estate agents help people find their dream homes.

This job requires a lot of patience and hard work. It doesn’t need a college degree.

You need to keep contacts with popular realtors and constructors and have an eye for good property.

If you have a strong selling attitude, and you are a compelling person, this is the right job for you.

9. Makeup Artist

We all wear makeup on a daily basis.

Makeup artists do it for other people on a much more elaborate scale.

The makeup industry is a rapidly growing field with a huge customer base.

You can either choose to help people get ready for special occasions like weddings.

They can also do special makeup for characters in movies or in plays.

10. Dental Hygienist

A Dental hygienist examines a patient’s teeth for gum diseases or other dental problems.

They suggest preventive care to be taken by the patient. This job requires you to have a certification in dental hygiene to obtain the license for practice.

It may be hard for you to find a job, but if you look in the right places, there are a number of jobs you can do without a degree.

Make sure that you have the passion for it so that it won’t turn into some dreary job you don’t like to do.

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