7 Habits of Highly Successful People [Girl Boss Edition]

Habits of highly successful people

Girl boss, listen up! We are sure you are doing more than one of these. There are few habits of highly successful people in the world have in common that is what sets them apart from ordinary people.

If you are an aspiring girl boss or a world dominating influencer.

I’ve read some successful people stories and here are our top 7 habits that make a successful girl boss and be productive everyday!


It is really important to plan your day and to know what is that really important thing that needs to get done.

By all means, avoid procrastination and be the boss of your own life and set deadlines for yourself and stick to them.


Have some quiet/alone time for yourself and just think.

Visualize your future and see how you want it to be. Do some positive thinking and maybe some meditation as well.

“Be grateful for everything you have in life.”


This will help you to focus better on the important things and not to hang on to the small things in life.

Habits of highly successful people


Being your own boss can be really tough and sometimes mentally draining.

Our advice is to give yourself a pep talk, not necessarily that you talk out loud, that is total.

But, what we mean is tell yourself each day that you have everything it takes to get through that task, that day and that project.

“Be open to ideas and possibilities that come your way and accomplish what is needed to be done for that day.”


We also recommend you read inspiring quotes or passages every day.


Apart from being mentally fit, we want you to stay physically fit.

Make workout a part of your everyday routine.

Many highly successful people have fitness a top priority in their everyday life. Fitness is important for your mental health, body functioning and metabolism. It is a great way to spend time with yourself at the beginning of the day.

It is proven that exercising every morning helps increase your concentration and mind function.

You can just start by stretching for 10 minutes, walking out in the neighborhood for 20 minutes and then a few yoga poses for 10 minutes.

Be sure that you end your work out with stretching so that you don’t have a catch after the workout.


Breakfast is the most important meal of your day.

Did you know that many successful girl bosses do not skip this important meal?

Make sure you eat a healthy breakfast and not have pizza leftovers from last night.

“Starting your day with a nutrition-filled breakfast will keep you energized throughout the day, boosts your metabolism and keeps your brain happy!


You can have proteins like eggs, smoothies, oatmeal with some nuts, seeds and greek yogurt will do the job!


The best way to start your day is to plan it out the previous night!

Write down what you should focus on the next 24 hours and put them on your calendar and you will surprise yourself on how much you’ve achieved in one day!

But again, be realistic with your time frame. You only have 24 hours, that means, you can only achieve so much in that time.

Be sure to schedule time for relaxation and preparing healthy meals.


Reading is a great way to make your brain work!

Be it reading the newspaper, checking your emails or reading your favorite book!

Reading can be calming and makes your mind work since it plays with your visualizing power.

BONUS TIP: Treat yourself

It is easy to ignore yourself in the hustle and bustle of life!

Be sure to give yourself a mini spa session every evening. Wash your face and massage it and apply a face pack or face serum!

Your body will thank you for the effort you putting in.

We only have 24 hours every day!

“The hours you spend from waking up to sleeping are the most precious hours of your day! Be positive, productive and successful!”


But above all, be happy and grateful for whatever place you are in life. What is your favorite tip for being successful?

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