Guest Room Ideas And Must Haves

I remember that episode in Friends when Phoebe and Rachel’s apartment burns down and they fight over who gets to stay with Monica until it’s fixed because Monica is the perfect hostess.

Having guests over is that time when we all get to play the role of the best hostess.

We want our guests to be as comfortable as is possible.

The most important is to set up the perfect guest’s room.

Your guest room should have all the privacy that your guests need. There are some guest room must-haves that make it very different from your normal bedroom.

While you have the whole house for your comfort, you wouldn’t want your guests having to waltz from room to room for the things they need.

Here’s a list of the essentials you need to stock up in your guest room so that all of you guests have a comfortable stay:

1. Bed Linen and Towels

Make sure you have a nice comfy bed and a coy mattress for your guests.

If a pull-out couch is what you have, that will also do well, as long as you cover it up with good bedding.

Make sure all your sheets are fresh and cleaned, especially if you haven’t had guests over for a while. Keep some extra pillows around, ones that are fluffy and light.

You should also have a number of towels of different sizes for different needs.


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