6 Ways To Color Your Hair With Green Hair Dye

Green hair????
Woah! Many of us find ourselves exclaiming and in disbelief when we imagine ourselves with our hair dyed green.
I think it is a color that has not been fully tapped into and explored by our fashion industry.
Many people hesitate to dye their hair green, but maybe the year 2021 is turning out to become the year of green hair.
After a very unpredictable last year crossing over from 2020 to 2021, people have become more ambitious, and these ambitions are redefining all things fashion. Most of us are attracted to much bolder and not-so-traditional hair colors these days. Dyed and styled well, this beautiful green color pops out and doesn’t look as bad as we thought it would.

Few popular green hairstyles  

Everyone has something to choose in green. Green hair is not just limited to a particular taste or style. There is a variety we can choose from and be everyone’s color. We can experiment and lean towards much playful mint shade to good intense goth-looking emeralds and all things in-between with our flavor and choice.

Ombre green hair 

Not many of us were familiar with this French word Ombre a few years ago, but now it is everyone’s favorite fashion industry. And you can imagine how amazing green Ombre hair would look. Having dark roots and gradually lighting towards the end, this effect is mesmerizing. It is one of my all-time favorite green hair, and I look forward to having it on myself one day.

Dark emerald green hair 

Dark Emerald green hair is also called forest green hair. It captures the beauty of the forest. This hair color looks good and goes well on both warm and cool skin tones. It is this one style everyone can pull off by the way we want to color. It covers the bold yet subtle goth shades. Emerald green hair is something every teenage and young adult person is watching out for.


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Black and green hair 

All of us were so crazy over Billie Eilish’s green and black hair look, and I don’t find a reason to complain but strongly agree. This green and black look is so trendy, and it’s almost one and a half years, yet we talk about it. And I think anyone who wants to show off their personality through hair as art should try the green and black look. 

Blue and green hair 

I feel like Blue and green are the best friends in the color world. They blend so well and are a fantastic combination, and you can imagine how good it looks when dyed together. The Blue and green hair combination has been one of the most popular hair fashions out there; it’s just undeniably good on any skin tone.

Neon green hair 

When I said that there’s something for everyone to choose in green hair palette, I did mean it, haha. Millennials love this color. There is a very cool vibe when we talk about neon green hair. It makes people’s hearts happy. It feels like this neon green hair screams, ‘look at me, I’m pretty, and I know it. ‘

mint green hair 

Have you ever imagined having beautiful light pastel green wavy locks? Having ming green hair is every little girl’s dream, but I would go on to say, ‘why should only little girls have all the fun ? ‘this mint green hair brings all our mermaid dreams to come true.

Using good and proper products to maintain green hair should be a priority. 

It is essential to use the right products when it comes to our skin and hair. We don’t want to agitate or irritate our hair or skin, so reading the reviews and knowing our products is essential while having fun dying our hair.

Few good products for green hair are 


This hair dye is one of the best out in the market and has a wide range of options when it comes to tints. It is alcohol-free, peroxide-free, ammonia, and cruelty-free. It also washes off quite easily and is very gentle on the hair while conditioning it. This hair dye adds good vibrancy to the hair, but it might stain. 

Chromasilk vivids

 The best thing about this product is that it can be applied directly on dry hair and a very, very long-lasting. It has a beautiful shine to the hair and is cruelty-free, but this pigment is extreme and might stain.

Lunar Tides hair dye

 This product’s uniqueness is that it doesn’t require a developer to get activated, and it also is a non-damaging hair color. It is both Vegan and cruel free, but it fades quite earlier and needs well-bleached hair before pigmentation.

Kiss Tintation Neon Green

Kiss tintation neon green hair dye is ammonia, peroxide, and Sulfate-free, and it smells great. It makes it healthy and also adds a lot of vibrancy, but it does stain a lot.

Things to consider before dying your hair

Considering what goes well with our skin tone is one of the most important things we need to look at. Knowing a skin tone and what goes with this particular skin tone is essential before buying the product.

We should also know if the product can be dyed naturally on the hair or if it needs any developers to get activated. And also need to know if this particular product needs extensive bleaching.

Pre-existing stains might affect the outcome of the hair dyeing process. For example, if there are shades of yellow and orange left with your hair, this pigment will impact the result you’re expecting.

So this new year, let’s have more fun trying new things with our hair. It is good to experiment, but it is also great to be careful. Knowing what Chemicals are going upon Our skin and into our hair through these products is vital. It’s essential to read the reviews before choosing the product, but above all, do not forget to flaunt your beautiful green locks and have fun.

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