Festival of Lights from around the world

When you think of the festival of lights, the only thought that comes to our mind is new years eve with all those fireworks and the city being lit up! Those are some fond memories almost every kid has with their parents. 

But there are more festivals of lights that happen all over the world, and we want to talk about it in this post! These festivals happen all year long at someplace or the other in the world!

It is with lanterns, strip lights, fireworks or just merely candles.

Top 10 Festival of Lights that happen in 2019!

1. Cavalcade of Lights Festival

This takes place in the city of Toronto and is an annual event that happens during the final weekend of November to kick off the holiday season with an official Christmas tree at Nathan Philips Square. The lighting features more than 300 thousand LED lights and is lit up everyday till midnight!

2. Festival of Lights – Lyon, France

This particular festival expresses thankfulness to mary, the mother of Jesus. This happens on December 8th, each and every year. This Lyonnaise tradition is unique and requests every household to place a candle along the outsides of every window to give a spectacular feel to all the streets.

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3. Festival of Lights (New Plymouth)

This festival is usually sponsored by the TSB bank. Hence its called TSB Festival of Lights. This happens every year mid-December to early February, and it has day and night shows that cater to people of all age.

The best part is every evening it transforms into a wonderland of lights and bliss! 

4.  Jerusalem Festival of Light

This festival turns Jerusalem into a wonderland for an entire week every summer! It started in 2009, and it displays the work of all international artists who use lights as their creative outlet.

5. Lantern Festival

This Chinese festival is famous during the spring every year. It takes place on the fifteenth of the first month of the Chinese calendar. In human words, it falls in Feb or early March. It is a really engaging festival where kids involved themselves in riddles on the lanterns and adults love to get into the technicalities. 

6. Vivid Sydney

This is an annual festival in Sydney, Australia. The city is literally lit up, and it is a beautiful scene to see. It takes place for 3 weeks from May to June. The essential sights there are the light-up sculptures, multimedia AV work that is super interactive and buildings being projected with different issues.

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7. Winter Lights Festival, Japan

This takes place between October and March in Japan! This is truly the most beautiful scenes to see as the festival is dedicated to flowers that shower and this is totally recreated and transformed with thousands of LED lights.

8. Diwali, India

This is a super popular festival among Hindus from all over the world. People look forward to this particular festival and buy new clothes, and it involves buying a lot of fireworks as well.

9. Christmas

Speaking of festivals, how can we forget Christmas, every year throughout the world, all famous squares and cities are lit up, and people celebrate Christmas on December 25th. 

10. GLOW Eindhoven

This particular festival happens in the Netherlands and what makes it a huge success is the large scale art installations made with lights, and this is held every November.

Hope you enjoyed reading this festival of lights post as much as we did writing and compiling it. Just make sure you pin this post before you move on to another one!

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