Easy Home DIY projects

Decorating plays an important role in making our homes cozy and comfortable to live in.

Adding some beautiful home décor to our regular furniture gives your home an aura of elegance and sophistication.

Instead of simply using them for decoration, it’s a better deal if you can put your home décor articles to practical use.

Such items are often hard to come by in home centers and other stores.

But instead of buying these, you can always make them at home.

That’s the beauty of DIY home décor; even though you follow a specific tutorial, you have the satisfaction that you made it with your own hands, and add your own personal touches to it.

You end up with unique works of art, instead of the mass manufactured good from the store.

This article has compiled some of the best and easy DIY home projects.

They are a better call than emptying your wallet at the store buying home décor.

You don’t have to worry about being an experienced artist or a sculptor to make these.

Most of them use everyday objects that are probably lying around your house even now.

So grab some glue and get started on these awesome do-it-yourself home projects:

1. Invisible Bookshelf

We’ve heard of floating bookshelves, and this bookshelf derives from the same idea. Except, instead of placing a rack attached to the wall at the bottom, we place a book itself.

This makes it look like a number of books simply stacked against the wall, floating in the air.

This is a very easy idea that will revolutionize the way you shelve and display books at home.

2. Vintage painting cabinet

If you are a fan of secret cabinets, you will love this idea.

All you need is a thrift store vintage painting and an old, detached medicine cabinet.

When you attach the painting to the door of the mounted cabinet, it forms a cache like storage space in the wall.

You can use this idea in your kitchen or even in your bathroom.

3. Spoon lamp

This is probably the lowest costing DIY home décor idea. All you need is a light bulb, a few packets of plastic spoons and an old bottle. The lamp looks beautiful and futuristic. Besides being a simple décor idea, it also makes a good use of old plastic bottles, instead of simply throwing them away and causing harm to the environment.

4. Wall Art from Toilet Paper Roll

Most of us simply throw away that last roll of cardboard that comes at the end of a toilet paper roll or an aluminum foil roll.

What we don’t realize is that this roll can be used to make a host of creative ideas.

In this project, you cut them up into small pieces that taper at each end.

When you stick them together, they look like a simple flower.

Spray painting these designs in some metallic colors will give it a wrought iron look.

They look beautiful as some minimalist wall art.

 5. Broken CD Mosaic

Now that the old CD has become quite redundant, you probably still have a stack of old CDs lying around that are of no use to you.

I could never bring myself to throw away a CD, even if it’s broken because the beautiful colors it gave off.

I always kept it away to make something or the other.

This DIY CD Mosaic is the best way to put all those CDs to good use.

All you need to do is to cut up the CDs into small pieces and use them to create a frame for your mirror.

The play of light on these CDs makes some beautiful colors, so if you add a dresser lamp it would make the frame even better.

6. Clothespin planter

This is the simplest DIY project on this list. All you need are some clothespins and some old tuna fish container.

Simply clip the pins along the rim, and you have for yourself a chic, organic looking planter.

You can even use it as a candle holder.

7. Tetra Pack Lampshade

If you do some research, you would find that tetra packs are the worst kind of waste because of how hard they are to recycle.

A tetra pack has multiple layers of different materials like plastic, cardboard and metallic foil, making it extra thick and durable.

If you simply open your refrigerator, you would see how many tetra packs we use in our daily life.

Instead of simply throwing them away, you can use the containers to make this futuristic lamp shade.

The durable nature of the tetra pack is what makes it the best material for this lamp shade.

8. Lace Lamp

To say I’ve fallen in love with this lace lamp is an understatement.

Lace has always been a weakness for me, be it dresses, blouses, tablecloth, and what not.

Knowing that I can use lace to make this beautiful lamp is wonderful. It would the most elegant addition to your living spaces.

9. Cutlery Holder

Put all those old canned goods containers to their most artistic use by making this retro cutlery holder.

All you need is six cans, a block of wood and some paint and glue.

If you thought cans could only be made into pencil holders, you were gravely mistaken.

So what are you waiting for? Unleash your creativity and start decorating!

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