ConvertKit Review: Why you should choose it above anything else!

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E-mail marketing is one of the cheapest forms of marketing these days.

It is a very useful business tool to capture new customers and to keep your customers loyal and encourage repeat purchases.

Whether you are a blogger or an e-commerce business owner, e-mail marketing is very important to your growth and exposure.

It is one of the primary tools of online marketing.

There is a huge number of tools available online for automation and scheduling.

Scheduling is the process of setting up work or content to be posted or published at a later time. This helps you combine similar tasks instead of constantly switching contexts and topics.

Automation helps you do repeated tasks; you just have to set them up once and they will be automated by software.

Automation helps save your time and energy.

Your workflow becomes smoother as you don’t have to constantly focus on the small tasks over and over again.

When you automate your promotional activity, it saves your time and brings in more sales and exposure.

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ConvertKit: E-mail Marketing automation

A number of email service providers such as MailChimp, Infusionsoft, and Aweber exist for the use of bloggers.

What makes ConvertKit stand out is its extreme simplicity in its working and use. The ESP is specially marketed towards bloggers, podcasters and other platforms that aim towards building audiences. It was made from scratch and started making $30,000 a month by 2015.

ConvertKit uses a lot of the same features as its older counterparts.

It has a crisper, cleaner workflow. The very interface and design is simple and elegant, making it easy to understand and use.

convertkit - convertkit affiliate - list of email providers - professional email

Why ConvertKit?

There is little doubt that convert kit is way better than its direct competitors.

There are a number of exemplary features that make ConvertKit a more desirable option than other ESPs.

ConvertKit has an easy to use WordPress plugin, making it simple to add forms and landing pages. They have 3 form templates and four landing page templates to start with.

A great feature about ConvertKit is that they don’t count subscribers twice; if your readers enter the same e-mail id twice, it gets recorded as one email, giving you a truer subscriber count. This is because ConvertKit sets up a profile for each subscriber.

This profile is based on the e-mail address provided. Each time a user clicks on an opt-in, it is counted as information which is added to their profile.

When you consider the fact that email providers set their rates based on the number of subscribers, this feature becomes very important. ConvertKit also makes it easy for you to group your readers and target them separately.

It adds a tag to every subscriber’s profile based on what platform they have subscribed. You can thus send specific and targeted to information to particular groups of subscribers only.

The Cost Involved

The cost is an important parameter when it comes to choosing your ESP.

ConvertKit does not offer a free trial option but has a 30-day money back guarantee if it doesn’t work for you.

It requires a payment of $29 per month for 1000 followers.

When compared to other ESPs such as MailChimp or Aweber for the features they offer, it is a really good bargain.

As the number of subscribers increases, Convert kit does seem to be a bit more expensive than other ESPs, but the ease of use and the features provided gives you value for the money you pay.

convertkit - convertkit affiliate - list of email providers - professional email


ConvertKit has an impressive support system.

They provide training via videos and demos.

Their website hosts a series of videos that show you how to begin creating landing pages, forms, and e-mail sequences (sequences is the term they use to refer to auto-responders).

Since their interface is easy to use, you actually don’t need much help from the videos. However, watching the videos will help you learn useful tips and tricks that help you work quickly and efficiently.

ConvertKit also has a huge knowledge base with answers to every doubt that could pop up in your head.

You can join their private Facebook group and talk to other users and the developers themselves.
When you find yourself ready to embark on the journey of email marketing, let ConvertKit be your first choice of ESP.

It is a great tool, especially for beginners who want to work like pros in the field of online marketing.

You can easily lean the nuances of online marketing while not compromising on the quality of service or value for money.

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