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Common House Plants And How To Care For Them

There is nothing that makes the indoors pleasant like a plant.

Adding some green to your home or office gives it a different vibe altogether.

Given the right care, these plants could grow to beautify homes in so many different ways. There are many common houseplants that you can easily grow indoors.

While some of them are simply for ornamentation, there are others that you could actually put to good use.

Like the aloe vera, a plant that grows big quickly and easily with little need for water, which has innumerable health benefits and is great for the skin.

With the proper space and set up, you can even grow your own mini kitchen garden indoors. And of course, there’s always the greatest use that plants give us oxygen.

Our indoors become fresher and the air is healthier with indoor plants.

Here are a list of some of the common houseplants you can grow and how you should care for them:

1. Aloe

The aloe has its distinct long leaves that start at the base of the plant.

Its leaves are fleshy and thick with small thorns along the edges.

You can grow aloe in small pots to keep on your windowsill.

If you wish to break off the leaves from time to time, you might want to grow it in a bigger pot. The aloe needs relatively dry soil, so you shouldn’t water it too often.

Take care to keep the plant in a place where there is less chance of people brushing past its they move. The thorns could rip clothes and damage other fabric.

2. Anthurium

The anthurium is a well-known for its heart-shaped leaves and flaming red flowers.

The flowers last a long time even once its cut. You can find hybrid varieties in lavender, pink, white and even green.

The plant flowers for at least eight weeks a year.

Anthurium requires soil that is moderately moist throughout. It thrives without direct sunlight.

It’s best you keep the plant away from pets or children because the leaves contain a toxic sap that could be harmful if ingested.

3. Boston Fern

The Boston fern is a favorite indoor plant all around the world.

It is that plant which comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘fern.’ It is the most popular plant of the fern species.

They look best when they are grown in hanging baskets, with the leaves spilling out of the pot in such a way that the pot is not even visible anymore.

Ferns originated in tropical rainforests, so these plants need high humidity to survive.

Keep the soil constantly moist, but not soggy.

Place your fern in some place where the air will be even throughout the day, as constant changes in the air will cause the leaves to brown.

4. Asparagus Fern

The asparagus fern is another good hanging basket plant.

This is not scientifically a fern but is more related to the asparagus plant.

It has small needle-like leaves. The stems shoot up from the base, and the whole plant gives a look of a green misty-ness.

The plant puts forth small white flowers which later turn into red berries. While the berries may look pretty n the plant, they are poisonous and should be kept away from children and pets.

The asparagus fern needs medium to bright light with evenly moist soil.

5. English Ivy

Of all indoor plants, climbers are my favorite and the English Ivy is one of the best climbers.

It has uniquely shaped leaves that stand out among other foliage.

The ivy grows thick and lush with trailing vines and wiry stems.

You can have the plant to climb onto anything you want. It would do beautifully as a hanging basket plant.

Take precautions to use gloves while handling this plant as it’s leaves could cause skin irritation.

6. Cacti

Cacti come in so many cute shapes and sizes, and they are the best plants for your desk or windowsill.

The only downside is that your hands could get a little pricked while handling it, but that is solved by placing it somewhere you’re unlikely to touch it accidentally.

This plant needs very little watering and is highly drought tolerant. You don’t have to worry about finding ways to water it when you’re away.

7. Lucky bamboo

The lucky bamboo is a very common ornamental plant in offices throughout the world.

It’s not simply because this plant is believed to be lucky, but also because it’s easy to care for and grows well.

The most common way it is found is with straight stems shooting upwards. Sometimes these stems are twisted and grown in different shapes and sizes.

The lucky bamboo doesn’t even insist on soil; it’ll grow easily in some water with a few pebbles. If you see red roots in the vase, that’s normal, because this plant has red roots.

It’s best to keep this plant out of direct sunlight to avoid burning its leaves.

Adding a plant to your home or office is one of the best decisions you could ever make. Depending on your lifestyle, choose a plant that suits you and your surroundings best.

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