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We’ve want Girl Boss boutique to be a place where women would buy products that would inspire them and encourage women to gift each other motivational and fun gifts!
Girl Boss Boutique (GBB) is a small team of 3 and we are super excited to be launching our online store!
We wanted this website to be a place where girl bosses would come and buy products that would empower them, their tribe and their peers.
Our DNA comprises of community building and women empowerment. We strongly believe that every girl boss should be a light that shines in the darkness! Someone who would encourage, be kind, and inspire women around her.
Our mission is to encourage the heart of giving, being generous to others and be kind to each other. #communityovercompetition
Our vision is to see every girl boss be a source of inspiration to many teens and young adults.
We have added a ton of new products and will continue to add more every month! Our main focus for this coming year to focus on quality over quantity. We want our products to be of the highest of quality and we know that quality would speak for itself!
A small percentage (10%) would be going in helping a non-profit who is well established in the women empowerment cause. So every purchase you make is going not just helping you but a woman who is living in the shadow.
For now, we are planning to start small and then expand. We would love it hear any feedback from you, our family. Please feel free to email us and we would love to hear from you!
Oh! and don’t forget to signup and get a 10% off coupon on your first order with us. We would love for you to spread the news and show some love!
Also, be kind to one another and love what you do!
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