Best Hotel Booking Sites for busy bees

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When you’re making travel arrangements and you look for hotels, there is a huge, confusing number of options available.

You can book via online travel agencies, the hotel’s own site, or even via comparison websites such as Trivago that bring you to search results from multiple sources.

When you’re at the receiving end of such a huge influx of information, how do you make sure that you’re making the right choices, and using the best deals available?

Sometimes you want to go for the most trusted names in the market, but that’s when you realize a new start-up provides the same thing at better prices.

It’s always a safe bet to rely on websites that are popular among the regulars; a scour through some of the best travel blogs will show you what sites are the best when it comes to reliability and saving money.

Here are some of the top picks of the best hotel booking sites on the internet:

1. Trivago

“Hotels? Trivago.”

The popular catchphrase that accompanies the Trivago ads has caught on quite well among the public.

The website has simple, practical approach to finding hotels according to your needs, from economical rooms to luxurious facilities.


The website compares prices but also suggests the best destinations to add to your travel plans.

Instead of simply finding rooms for you, it brings you the whole package of what to do and where to go.


Kayak helps you conduct a more detailed search, with some extra specific filters to add to your search.

Kayak is an aggregator website, which shows results from other booking websites too.

However, they sometimes fail to show the lowest deals.


The website has a pretty strong database of hotels and can provide you with some of the best results.

They rarely show the worst prices at hotels, only returning results with the best deals.


Here you can find a number of cheap lodgings which would be missing from other search results. The website has an interesting interface showing its results on a map rather than simply as a list.


HotelsCombined is also an aggregator website that shows multiple search results from different sites, such as and

What stands out here is how easily you can compare prices from different hotels and hotel booking sites.

The site can even give you the best price for specific hotels.


Priceline stands out for its abundance of choices.

It has an interesting ‘Name your Price’ filter to get the best deals for you.

Their “blind booking” options are the best savers.

8. Agoda 

A while back Agoda was named to be the best hotel booking site in Asia.

Now it has expanded its reach to a global scale.

Agoda will find you a greater number of hotels in city centers at the lowest prices.

9. finds you the largest number of lodgings in the best parts of the city.

It has always remained the top direct booking website there is.


Hostelz focuses on budget accommodations around the world.

You can look for both private rooms and shared rooms in dorms, hostels, hotels, and others.

It compares prices from other low-cost lodging search websites to provide you with the best deals.

When you make your travel plans this year, make sure you take the right decisions regarding your hotel choices. Having a great hotel can make or break a trip.

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