5 Email Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Career

When you are a part of the workforce we end up spending a lot of time checking and replying to emails, they are convenient and make it easy to document a work-related conversation.

But just because we frequently use it doesn’t essentially mean we might not make errors.

It’s very easy to slip up and make a tiny mistake that might put us in negative light career-wise. Keep in mind certain email mistakes to avoid.

Inefficient mails instead of efficient phone calls

Even though emails make a huge chunk of official correspondence easier sometimes they just slow down the process when a particular thing needs to be done instantly.

A lot of time is lost in writing emails to a group of people and waiting for their responses, then updating the group of the various responses by the other members.

This can be inefficient due to a lot of the original points confused in the huge number of emails written to one another.

This issue can be easily solved by a teleconference.


Always recognize the kind of situation and choose which would be more efficient. Being the perpetrator of an inefficient string of emails can make you seem inadequate.

“It’s very easy to slip up and make a tiny mistake that might put us in negative light career-wise. Keep in mind certain email mistakes to avoid.


Replying all

One of the silliest and common mistakes anybody can make is replying to a mass message sent out to a lot of people by emailing by reply all.

Unless it is to add to the conversation don’t reply all to the email.

This is definitely one email mistake to avoid like a plague.

It annoys a lot of coworkers if you’re constantly replying something like a  ‘Sure Sir.‘ or ‘thank you ‘ to a mass message.

Everyone in the string will receive the message and won’t even be able to mute the string of email fearing the risk of missing out on an important update regarding the matter.

Using emoticons and informal language

Limit your usage of emoticons and informal language to personal text messages to friends and family only.

Emoticons are extremely irrelevant in a business mail and reduce the value of the mail.

It is also deemed disrespectful to compose a formal mail using emoticons and informal language.

Even if the colleague you’re in touch with is a good friend keep in mind all the emails are monitored in a workplace.

If you’re sending a work-related mail to a colleague who is a friend keep in mind to maintain professionalism and not use informal language or anything establishing an informal relationship between the two of you.

Written Diarrhoea

The entire purpose of an official email is to write concise relevant information regarding the task at hand.

A good email is always short with no unnecessary words.

If you’re in a habit of writing really long emails whose majority is just a lot of non required rubbish: then you, my friend, have written diarrhea.

People will take you a lot more seriously if you write short emails that make sense and solve the purpose.

The unnecessary information you add just makes you seem disorganized.

Before adding any extra information always think and rethink if it is in any way necessary at that moment.

Being Curt and dismissive

It doesn’t matter who you are emailing, basic courteousness is an absolute must.

It may be a subordinate or a senior if you require something use words like ‘please ‘, ‘may I ‘,  ‘can you ‘ etc.

Start with a salutation, use their name make them feel imminent.

Don’t be dismissive towards them in replies while it is essential to not give unnecessary details and elongate the mail it is also essential you follow etiquette and compose a courteous email.

Also, it’s important you don’t use nicknames or skip on greetings especially while emailing seniors since it makes you look rude and attempting at over-familiarity.

You may not realize the enormity of these small seemingly insignificant mistakes but they often end up shaping your career.

“If you keep in mind these few email mistakes and avoid it you can project a positive image of you in your workspace and avoid setbacks!


So good luck and always send emails to the super-efficient GIrl Boss that you are!


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