10 Ways on How to Reward Yourself

Sometimes we work so hard, we forget ourselves in the process.

Our focus becomes so concentrated on work that we neglect our health, our comfort and all other aspects of our life.

This is a very unhealthy way to live.

Sure, your work is very important, but of what use is it if you’re not able to enjoy your life?

There is no harm in rewarding yourself from time to time.

Rewards keep us motivated, and they only help us work better.

There is nothing wrong in some guilt-free indulgence from time to time.

You can have some gourmet food go shop a little, take yourself on a trip or do anything that brings you happiness and peace.

If you don’t reward yourself, you will ultimately grow to hate what you do.

There are so many simple ways in which you can reward yourself.

These are some easy on the pocket ideas you can try.

1. Draw yourself a bath

There is no simpler way to relax and calm your nerves than drawing yourself a nice long bath.

Light some candles, play some beautiful music, get some bath salts and just lie in there for a while.

It soothes you right down to your soul.

To make it even better, you can take a book or even some wine there.

2. Go out for breakfast

You must be very used to getting lunch and dinner from restaurants but how often do you go out for breakfast?

It’s a rare luxury to eat out in the morning, at a sunny bistro with some wholesome food.

Going out for breakfast is an experience you must try from time to time.

3. A walk in the park

A trip to your local park can do you more good than you think.

You can pack yourself a sandwich and spend some time on a bench, reading or simply watching people walking, and kids tumbling around.

It’s the best place for some contemplation, a time to sit back think about your life, where it’s going, about work, relationships and everything else.

4. Spend some time online

You probably do that already, and a lot of it too, but instead of doing all the regular things, spend some time doing things you wouldn’t normally waste your time for.

Go on and take on of those Buzzfeed quizzes.

Read some silly things, or go through some gossip sites.

Whatever makes you relax your brain for a while, do it.

You can even play some online games if that’s what suits you.

5. Watch a movie or TV series

If you’ve put off watching a good movie for a long time, go and watch it.

And that TV series you never really completed, you can let yourself binge in for some time.

You can even take yourself to the theatre and watch any popular movie, whether it’s a thriller, action, drama chick-flick or superhero movie.

Chick-flicks are a great way to laugh a little and take your mind off other things.

If superhero movies are your thing, go on and watch the latest, because they’re best enjoyed on theatre screens.

6. Take yourself on a field trip

Go to the museum, an art gallery, an aquarium, any of the popular places in your city.

You may have already visited these places, but go there again.

Every city would have some spots that sightseeing groups always go to.

Take yourself to such places and take some time to view the city, and try to remember how you felt when you first came here.

You will be surprised how differently you perceive things since you were first there.

7. The best kind of therapy: retail therapy

Take yourself shopping, but don’t spend too much.

If you’ve been putting off shopping for a while, go buy the things you need.

You can buy one or two of those things you’ve always eyed on shop windows.

But remember to stick to a budget, and not spend all your money in one go.

8. Learn a new skill

You can take a class on something you’ve always wanted to try, like photography or gourmet cooking.

If you don’t want to start taking regular classes, simply attend a weekend workshop.

It would be a good idea to take a look at your bucket list and decide what to do.

9. Go on a short trip

Take a short weekend trip to somewhere close.

A weekend getaway is a perfect way to restore some peace after a tough and challenging work week.

Go to someplace you can relax and pamper yourself, with some spa treatments and maybe long walks on the beach.

10. Buy some flowers

If you can’t make time for any of those things, simply buy yourself a huge bouquet of flowers for your home or office.

Simply looking at the will make you happy and more productive.

You don’t ever have to feel have to feel guilty about rewarding yourself from time to time.

Rewards are what you deserve for all the hard work you do, and rewarding yourself will only make you work better.

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