10 Things your Small Business Needs Right Now!

They call it ‘small business’ but we know that nothing about it is so ‘small.’

It takes a lot of hard work and stress to set up a small business.

Around eighty percent of businesses that mushroom up every year die in their early stages of working.

From having an unsatisfying product to employing people without talent or poor management of capital, the reasons for the closing down of businesses are varied.

Small businesses also have to bear the extra hassle of competing against the giants.

The key to running a successful small business is to gather and maintain a loyal customer base.

Once you have earned the trust of your customers, you can focus on other aspects of your business.

It takes good marketing to find new customers and keep your existing customers satisfied.

The trick here is to remain connected to the customer.

There are so many different ways to attract and convert customers online and otherwise. It’s easier and relatively cheaper to communicate with customers online.

We have compiled a list of things you could use in business. Here are some essentials your small business needs today:

1. A subscription e-mail list

Newsletters are a great way of keeping in touch with your customers.

Your newsletters should contain information that your customers could use, like tips or recipes. Promotion of your business and its products are also possible through newsletters.

If you have not started building a mailing list, start working on it now. Add a ‘subscribe’ button on top of your website. If you have a blog, put a subscribe button with a free e-book or other downloadables.

Send out emails frequently, but not to the extent that the subscribers are disturbed by it and forced to unsubscriber.

10 Things Your Small Business Needs Right Now

2. Listen to your customer

Communication is a two-way deal.

Communicating with your customer isn’t just about you sending you emails and notifications and other promotional material.

It is also about lending an ear to what your customer has to say.

Try to send feedback forms along with your newsletters so that you have an idea of what the customer thinks of your business.

If you have a store set up, talk to your customers when they come in. Dialogue with customers is very important.

Even though your customer may sometimes be rude and unreasonable, maintain a positive attitude.

“The takeaway: Yes, you want to listen to your customer. But knowing which customers to listen to is key.”

— Forbes Magazine


3. Write content for your customer, not you

When you create content for your website and blog, always keep your target audience in mind.

You are not writing for your benefit but for theirs. Use language, vocabulary, and intonations according to the target audience.

Be formal when you have to be formal and be informed when it’s okay to be informal.

10 Things Your Small Business Needs Right Now

4. A prominent call to action

Always have a prominent call to action in your newsletters, website, and blog.

Remind the reader of the services and products you provide.

The icon through which you ask readers to buy your products should stand out from the rest of the elements on the webpage.

Let it be big and bold.

“No matter where they’re placed, CTAs are designed to inspire action and connect different stages of the buying process.”

— Crazy Egg


5. Use aesthetic and creative photos

Instead of opting for the same old stock photos, use photos that are creative and aesthetically pleasing.

Using such photos reduces your credibility among your clients and customers.

It’s okay to invest a little in photography; when you combine good photography with exemplary content, you create a positive and sophisticated brand image.

Using regular stock images will only build up your brand as a cheapskate and ordinary one.

10 Things Your Small Business Needs Right Now

6. Market research

Starting off a business without market research is the greatest you could ever take.

Market research is not something that happens only at the beginning of the enterprise.

The customers’ needs are forever changing and you need to anticipate the changes and adapt accordingly.

Understand your customers’ needs well; find out more about how your competition is doing.

7. Keep blogging

A blog is an added advantage to marketing.

If you regularly put up content that your customers like to read, they will keep coming back for more.

Invest in content creation for your blog; write about life hacks, beauty tips, self-care and other such topics related to your business for which the customers will have value.

In between the lines you can even promote your products.

10 Things Your Small Business Needs Right Now

8. Make your pages mobile friendly

Fewer people actually access your pages on their computers.

Majority of readers access web pages on their mobile phones and other such devices.

If your web pages are not mobile friendly, your readers will be annoyed and happily move on to other blogs.

Make your pages function well on mobiles, not just making them mobile friendly, but with special features that work for mobile screens.

Put these tips to good use to run your small business in a smooth and efficient manner. Let all your passion and energy for success find its fulfillment in your business!

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