10 Best Tarte Cosmetics Products in 2019

Busy Gal BROWS Tinted Brow Gel

Got this in September half off during Ulta’s 21 days of beauty and have been using it everyday since. I bought 2 more since they went on sale as a hot buy.This is perfect for a me because my eyebrows are light blonde but I have a good amount of hair so I just want to darken them and add a little fullness. The skinny brush deposits just the right amount of product so that it coats your brow hairs and allows you to brush it through with the brush. It isn’t a goopy mess with too much on the brush. Good lasting power too.

Great product for easy brows. I love this brow gel and I’m glad I gave it a chance. Doesn’t require much effort at all. Or skill, for that matter. Swipe swipe here, swipe swipe there and you’re done. The end results are perfectly natural-looking and long-lasting.

I’m not a high-maintenance eyebrow person at all. I usually use a clear brow gel because I could never find a tinted brow product that didn’t look extremely fake and noticeable. I finally found a tinted product that fills in my brows and darkens them just a tad, without making them look obviously “done”. Good stuff!

And the applicator is so teeny-tiny. Very easy to work with. 

I will continue to buy this. Highly Recommended!! A++

The color was really good for my eyebrows the brush is pretty small. Overall it’s OK , my big issue is you can’t really shape your eyebrows and if you make a mistake it’s gonna be really difficult to correct it because this sucker is waterproof.

This is my favorite micro-wand brow gel, better than essence (too gloopy) L’Oréal (same, with added crustiness) and Innisfree (too warm & weird texture, cant build)

It’s not for insta-brow I think. It’s for those of us who want our natural brows to be tinted & defined. My brows are fair & sparse, so powders/pencils/pomades can look very false. This gel adds natural texture & tint so they look more natural.

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