10 Best Tarte Cosmetics Products in 2019

Shape Tape™ Pressed Powder

Its a great setting powder to seal your makeup I gifted to my sister in law and she too likes the product a lots I really reccomeded this product.

This sets sooo nice under the eyes. It doesn’t have a flash back either. It doesn’t make me feel super dried out under the eyes either. My only complaint is the packaging- I don’t care for the net in it. I don’t feel like I can get enough product on my beauty blender sooo I remove the net before using and it works great!

Love this stuff!! Especially if I need my makeup to last all day for work or week nights out it keeps me from getting oily and it doesn’t have a white after math! I have olive skin so sometimes they make h look pale not this

I purchased this because I use Shape Tape Concealer daily and through the summer I am a sweat pit. I typically hate setting powders, but this changed my mind! I don’t crease or wrinkle with it, it sets incredibly well, I still look fresh and glowy, it is smooth to the touch, and I do not feel dry or itchy. I love the small puff and the mesh as a way to keep it from going everywhere. Buy this!

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