10 Best Tarte Cosmetics Products in 2019

Tartelette™ Toasted Eyeshadow Palette

I love this palette! In fact had this come out before UD Naked Heat palette, I would’ve bought this one instead. The colors are warm, pretty and blendable. Great for daytime or some nighttime drama. Or even daytime drama 🙂 The only problem is the FALLOUT! There is a LOT especially Crackle which is a dark sparkly brown. It’s a pretty and dramatic color but gets everywhere. If you’re using the color, do your eyes first and then the rest or your face, less you get sparkle all of the place. Despite that, it hasn’t stopped me from using this palette. If you love warm browns, you know what to do.

So, I love the packaging and the color story of this palette. The mattes are fairly pigmented and soft. The palette smells incredible. It kind of has a light toasted-marshmallow scent. 

The shade Fireside is patchy and I had issues blending out the harsh lines. In addition, Fireside did not wear well throughout the day. It literally disappeared after about 4 hours. The other colors were there but Fireside disappeared. I was really bummed about that because it gives the palette a little less versatility, in my opinion. 

The lighter shimmers are underwhelming as far as pigment goes. However, I used them dry. You will probably be able to get a better color pay off by spraying fix plus or some kind of setting spray to your brush before dipping into the color.

This palette is a good buy if you love the color scheme, love Tarte’s matte formula and don’t mind pulling in another palette for the dark brown shade.

This palette is AMAZING! The colors are very warm, and pigmented and all of the colors blend so well together. I would 10/10 recommend this amazing product!

I love warm tones palettes! Goes well with my hair color (cherry coke purple red) and my warm toned skin, easy go blend pigment for days, and I genuinely love the slight difference in color between the Tarte Toasted and Naked Heat palettes. I think Tarte did an amazing job with the warm toned color trend and will def repurchase when I run out (although the value is excellent also so that won’t be for quite a while ^_^)

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